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LIFE SILIFFE - Sile's autochthonous water fauna. Restoration of biodiversity

(Treviso, 17 June 2016) - The implementation of the conservation actions provided by the SILIFFE Project goes on. In particular, the action C4 about the "Interventions for the autochthonous water fauna" aims at restoring the biodiversity and especially the fish species of community interest, such as the brown trout. On Tuesday 7th June 2016, 20,000 marble trouts belonging to the Piave strain (MUs Piave ESUs Salmo marmoratus) - with a total length of 4 to 6 cm, genetically certified and coming from the Valdastico Fish Center of Veneto Agricoltura - were introduced into the Sile river. The trouts used for the recolonization come from 8 lots coming from different marble trout reproducers. At the moment of the recolonization, the single specimens were weighed in order to classify the number of fish per kg, and the result were an average of 1,087 fish/kg. Depending on the weighing, the marble trouts were distributed in the 4 sites chosen in the Sile river's area.

foto della notizia
foto della notizia
foto della notizia
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