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31st March, 2016 Meetings with farmers' trade associations and with the fishermen's associations

Two important meetings were carried out in the Park to launch the activities to engage the stakeholders.
During the first meeting, the three main associations representing the agricultural sector were invited (Coldiretti, CIA and Confagricoltura). The Region Venetia, with the collaboration of Ms. Monica Vianello and of Mr. Giorgio Trentin, presented the new Rural Development Program for the farmers, to implement real environmental safeguard actions consistent with the project's goals. For further information it is possible to contact Ms. Lisa Causin (see the "contacts" section) or download the file of the presentation ( 1 -  2).

On the occasion of a second meeting the main fishing associations were invited (VENDRA, APS pescatori Sile di TV, FIPSAS, APS ESOX Italia and APS lanciatori bassa trevigiana, CARPISHING nord Italia) to propose them an active collaboration for the carrying out of some project's actions.
For further information, please contact Ms. Barbara Grava (see the "contacts" section) or download the file of the presentation.

30th March 2016 Seminar at the Environmental Sciences University Campus - Via Torino Mestre (VE)

Mr. Zanetti from Bioprogramm held a seminar about the themes of the project entitled "Corpi idrici e ripristino ambientale - il caso studio del life SilIFFE" (Water bodies and environmental restoration - the case-study Life Siliffe).
The project, the context, the Natura 2000 Network and the role played by the River Funcionality Index were introduced.

The project's actions were also presented, together with those related to the control and the eradication of the allochthonous species, such as the Louisiana crawfish (Procambarus clarkii), the yellow-bellied elder turtle (Trachemys scripta ssp.) and the welsh catfish (Silurus glanis). In fact, the allochthonous species represent a serious threat for the ecosystems.

23rd February, 2016 Conference for the presentation of the project

The Life SILIFFE project was presented on February 23rd at the Provincia di Treviso Auditorium.
The project, launched in September 2015, aims to direct the management of the Park towards an environmental improvement of the riverbanks, and towards a growth of the biodiversity both in the banks and in the river itself, also by reintroducing some autochthonous fish species and limiting the invasive species.
The project will create a correct governance system of the Park's areas, in order to enhance the already present ecosystems and give the citizens a better environment back. It is a large-scale environmental initiative which was awarded a financing equal to the 60% by the European Commission (ENV).
The other project's partners took part in the presentation conference as speakers (the Region Venetia, the province of Treviso and Bioprogramm s.c.) and the governments of the Park's municipalities, several departments of the Region Venetia (Presidency, Department for the Rural Development, Fishing and Hunting Department, Agri-environmental Section), the three Park's provinces (Treviso, Padua, Venice), the farmers' trade associations, the environmentalist associations, Arpav, Genio Civile, State Forestry Corps, the reclamation associations, the fishermen's associations, Veneto Agricoltura were also invited.
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