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A. Preparatory actions

A1. Applying the Indice di Funzionalità Fluviale - I.F.F. (River Functionality Index) to the Sile river.
This action's goal is to provide data regarding the Sile river's functional status along its 62-km-long course, both within the Sile River Regional Park and the Natura 2000 sites, and the other adjacent sections as well.
The main goal of the River Funcionality Index (I.F.F.) is the assessment of the overall status of the river environment and of its functionality, meaning by that the result of the synergy and of the integration of several biotic and abiotic factors present in the water ecosystem and in the related land ecosystem.

A2. Biologic mapping of quality-analysis of the benthic macroinvertebrates
The whole main course of the Sile river will be monitored, both the portion situated within the two sites belonging to the Natura network and, according to what provided by the Habitat Directive - also considering the proximity - the remaining portion going from the springs up to the southern boundary of the Sile Regional Park.
This biologic monitoring will be carried out using the Indice Biotico Esteso I.B.E. (Extended Biotic Index) (IRSA - CNR 2003), along with specific researches on the target species.

A3. Fish-faunistic surveys on the Sile river
The study of the fish populations will be carried out through the analyses of the data obtained from a series of samples collected by means of "electrofishing"; for this procedure, depending on the sampling effectiveness, pulsed direct current and control voltage fixed electrofishers, and backpack electrofishers will be used. The analyses will be quantitative, if the water conditions allow it, or semi-quantitative, expressing the results according to the Indice di Abbondanza I.A. (Abundance Index).

A4. Updating of standard forms
The action consists in the updating of the information contained in the standard forms and it includes the cartographies of the Natura 2000 Network's sites involved, depending on the possible new indications resulting from the previous preparatory actions.
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