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LIFE SILIFFE Project Improvement of the river and riparian habitats and fight against the alien water species in the Parco Regionale del Fiume Sile

This project aims at assessing the ecosystem of the river and of all of its elements, implementing real interventions for the creation of pilot areas for the management of the riparian habitats and putting into effect the Park's environmental plan providing specific and binding indications for the management of the habitats.

In order to achieve these goals, effective actions have been defined, such as the application of the river functionality index to the whole Sile river course, the implementation of interventions aimed at improving the riparian habitats of the Natura 2000 Network, a plan to combat the spread of the alien water species (red swamp crawfish, pond slider, wells catfish) through capture of such species and through the strengthening of the competing autochthonous species, and the organization of meetings with the farmers to promote the agri-environmental measures of the Piano di Sviluppo Rurale Veneto 2014-2020 (Venetia's Rural Development Plan 2014-2020).

The intervention area is included within the Parco Naturale Regionale del Fiume Sile, established with Regional Law of the Region Venetia No. 8/1991, with the aim of safeguarding the natural, historical and environmental aspects of the territory. The Park equipped itself with an Environmental Plan with the aim of guaranteeing the environmental safeguard and enhancement, approved with D.C.R. No. 22 of March 1st, 2000, also providing the guidelines for the management of the agricultural zones and of the wet areas.

The Project, which started on October 31st, 2015, provides the total amount of 3,007,800.96 Euros, with the Ente Parco Regionale del Fiume Sile as coordinating beneficiary, and the Region Venetia, the Province of Treviso and Bioprogramm s.c. as partner beneficiaries.
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