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E. Developing awareness and spreading knowledge

Materials and interventions have been planned to involve the stakeholders and to spread the information regarding the project's activities, paying particular attention to the pilot interventions. Therefore, materials and interventions address the local organizations, the citizens, the nature technicians, the schools, the farmers and the fishermen.

In particular it has been planned:

E1. Notice boards
Information panels describing the project in the key places.

E2. Project's website
A website to explain the project and to make people know it.

E3. Networking
The networking action aims at making the connection between the Life project and the main underway (or already carried out) initiatives having similar purposes to those of the present project.

E4. Layman's report
The Layman's report will be an information document addressing a non-technical public. The report will mainly describe the project's achievements.

E5. Spreading information among citizens
Specific tools for the spreading of information among the citizens and the passionate naturalists living in and visiting the park's area:
1. Brochures
2. Digital interactive guides
3. Final conference
4. Final publication

E6. Guided visits and activities with schools
The activities include the training of nature guides (about the project's goals), the organization of guided visits for the tourists and the citizens, the organization of events dedicated to schools.
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