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Action A2 Biological quality mapping - analysis of the benthic macro-invertebrates

The methods for the assessment of the water quality can be of several typologies (chemical, chemical-physical, microbiological and biological), and all of them make an important contribution in the assessment of the water body's health condition. In particular, the analysis of the chemical, chemical-physical and microbiological parameters is important to understand the cause and the kind of pollution in the water, whereas the biological analysis makes it possible to define the global effects of the action of the different elements present in the water - which is often a synergic action - on the water ecosystem. The ability of the biological analysis to give this kind of information is linked with the fact that it is based on the study of animal organisms that are permanently present within the water course and have a limited tendency to move: organisms mainly living attached to the underlayer and being very sensitive to the environment's quality changes. The main course of the Sile river will be monitored, namely the part situated within the two sites belonging to the Nature Network and, according to the Habitats Directive, the remaining part included between the springs and the southern border of the Sile Regional Park.

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