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Action C1 Binding intervention planning

The purpose of the action is to implement the project's environmental result within the Environmental Plan, in order to employ the best practices in the whole area of the Park. The tool for the territorial planning of the Park Authorities is the Environmental Plan. The Plan has a landscape value in compliance with the art. 124 of the Regional law 27th June 1985 No. 61; and it has the validity of a regional area plan. Its approval, when it deals with regulations and restrictions,  entails the automatic adjustment of the general and implementing urban tools to the approved regulations and restrictions. The environmental plan, as regards the Park's perimeter, replaces the regulations and restrictions of the Coordination Regional Territorial Plan. The project aims at defining the areas to be subjected to the restriction action and renovate them from the functional ecological point of view, starting from the raw data obtained from the action A1.

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