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Action C7 Control and eradication of the species Trachemys scripta ssp. and other exotic pond turtles

The action's goal is the conservation of the autochthonous populations of Emys orbicularis, of the batrachian fauna and of the water invertebrates living along the Sile river course and in the related wet environments. The interventions focus on active management practices making it possible to safeguard the ecological balance of the water ecosystems.
Two typologies of interventions have been found:
  • Monitoring the sites where the Emys orbicularis and Trachemys scripta ssp. are present
  • Monitoring the Emys orbicularis and capture of Trachemys scripta ssp. species, that will be put in specific ex situ recovery centers.
The action's following phase also provides the active intervention, which means the capture, marking and recapture of the Emys orbicularis specimens in order to estimate the number of the present populations, and the capture and delivering of the Trachemys scripta spp. specimens to the collection centers. In order to guarantee the success of the environmental actions, it has been provided that all the interventions will be implemented by an expert herpetologist having a certified experience in the implementation of projects regarding the pond turtles and a certified knowledge of the herpetofauna.
For the capture of the Emys orbicularis it is necessary to ask the Ministry of Environment for the authorization as an exception to the regulations provided for by the articles 8, 9 and 11 of the Presidential Decree 357/97. The actions regarding the control and the eradication of the Trachemys scripta ssp. will be carried out according to the specifications defined by the Conservation Committee of the Societas Herpetologica Italica (S.H.I).
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