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LIFE SILIFFE - Action for the control of the allochthonous shrimps

(Treviso, 17 June 2016) - The implementation of the conservation actions provided by the SILIFFE Project goes on. In particular, the action C6 about the "Control and eradication of the Procambarus clarkii", aimed at controlling the allochthonous shrimp species threatening the conservation status of the autochthonous ones.
The monitoring and control actions to assess the presence of the allochthonous shrimps has started, and it provides the positioning of fish traps in specific sites situated both in the upper and lower course of the Sile river. On Wednesday 22nd June, at the Bioprogramm S.c. headquarters in Ormelle, a training course for the provincial guards will take place, and it will include theoretical lessons about the identification of the shrimps and practical lessons for the placement of the fish traps in the sites.

foto della notizia
foto della notizia
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